Trade Name Matsui Shuzo An Unlimited Partnership
Head Office 656-1, Kamifurukawa Kurayoshi City,
Tottori 682-0934, Japan TEL: +81-858-27-0381 FAX: +81-858-27-0382
Kurayoshi Distillery

656-1 Kamifurukawa, Kurayoshi City, Tottori 682-0934, Japan

73-2 Baba-cho, Kurayoshi City,Tottori 682-0914, Japan

Osaka Office Chiyoda Bldg. East 3F,2-9-4, Higashitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka,530-0044, Japan
TEL: +81-6-4309-6250 FAX: +81-6-4309-6251
Representative Director Matsui Kaoru
Date of Incorporation 03/29/1910
Paid-in Capital ¥7,540,000
Business liqueur, spirits, Manufacture and sales of alcohol beverages

Philosophy  To make people delightfully through production of liquor!

To make people delightfully through production of liquor. Aspiring people taste and enjoy the delicious liquor we made.
To pursuit of profit is also important, but when considering “what we should do”, we also need to think about how to contribute to society.
First, “for those we love or care” is what we consider. Would like people to be happy, to see people smile and to inspire people.
To make people delightfully through production of liquor!
By distilling liquor to contribute to society that makes people and the world happier.
As standard of management philosophy and management vision, to constitute a high-level awareness and sustainable corporate culture, and to ensure the happiness of all company members that individual is capable fully succeed at the same time.
A business aspiration could not be composed by individual. It is vital to have company members be able to sympathize with management philosophy.
We believed the existence of the company is like a family. To contribute to society through the production of liquor with same belief and integration companion.
To understand the mutual standpoints and get together to prosper the business.

Vision Production in anticipation of 100 years ahead

The history of production is also the history of change. Because of the past, now and in future exist. Look back on the history of production industry in the past, determine current situation. We would like to bring innovation of production that can be handled years later.

We leave a good production method in the past and challenge new method with consideration for environment. With the speed of taking advantage of a few elite strengths, working on our own production method and incorporate innovative technologies from all over the world.
Looked at 100 years later from various perspectives including product safety and safety, in pursuit of appropriate price, reform of production form in anticipation of declining birthrate and aging population, innovative approach utilizing IT and robotics etc. using technology to help and to enrich the lives of people, this is “production of new era”.

In the future, declining birthrate and aging of the world will progress globally. Japan is facing this big challenge as well. That we are planning to adapt to the future by arranging a production system which demonstrate maximum efficiency with a least number of people.

Strategy Information is everything

We continually specialize and individualize private business strategies, and constantly expand our activities in both Japan area and overseas.
For above reason, we hope to fulfill the role of interface that we could communicate with many customers closely, to gather more new information, to deliver better products to customers in a better way,
We absorb cutting-edge information and derive the optimal solution by finely analyzing.

Employee Capable personnel make a stunning company

Employees are the most valuable assets of a company. It is possible to develop a new business and innovative technologies with capable personnel have rapid determination, adaptability, creativity and flexibility.
Our employees have their own talents as compared with other companies, and we are proud of their tenacity and unique behavior.
For the happiness and prosperity of all employees, we create a corporate culture that keeps awareness of work high, so that each employee can be freely success.
To contribute to society by understanding the mutual standpoints, working closely with employees, being highly motivated and advancing “new era of production” under one management philosophy.
To consist from management philosophy up to concrete action plans.
All action connects with management philosophy.

We have the sales network all over the world.
We constantly work hard as a management philosophy “to make people happy through production of liquor and to enjoy the liquor we made all around the world.”
We have established overseas distributors in 40 countries, mainly in United States, Europe and Asia, and we are expanding all over the world.