Management’s Philosophy:

It is our philosophy to make each person blissful by distributing alcohol and commodities.

We hope for people to relish delicious liquor, for people to drink and enjoy outstanding liquor. We are in pursuit of a liquor that would be enjoyable, would be savored, would be able to deeply move one’s heart.

With a revolutionary production, we hope to satisfy our consumers and at the same time make our employees fulfilled so each individual can play an active role to the fullest.

We would like to build a corporate culture that continues to maintain high awareness under the management’s philosophy and vision. This as well as business aspirations cannot be fulfilled by one man alone. As a company, we are giving importance to have everyone walk in consonance with our philosophy. We believe that we are one family. With the union of the same mindset, we would like to contribute to society by pushing forward and continuously revolutionizing production under the management’s philosophy. We continuously understand each other’s position and we will prosper in accordance with our strength.

Concrete action plans are based on the management’s philosophy and all actions made lead to the management’s philosophy.

Management’s Vision

The history of distribution is also a history of reform. Because there is a past, we have the present as well as the future. We look back at the history of past distribution, assess the state of the current situation and we would like to employ people who would be valuable in revolutionizing distribution in the next 10 years, 30 years, 50 years, 100 years..